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Prototype & Design

METEC – build to last

METEC Metal Technology Inc. is highly client-centred, taking pride in responding to customer challenges with long-term solutions. Open communication with customers is key: probing >

questions, careful listening and ongoing dialogue ensure detailed understanding of client requirements. Ongoing feedback ensures that projects stay on track and on time.

Case Study: Weed cutting boat

Case Study: Prototype and Design of a Cutting Boat


The Asian Water Chestnut is a growing problem in Canada. Natural Resources Canada (NRCan) approached METEC with a challenge: how to control this invasive aquatic pest. Working with NRCan scientists, METEC designed a boat equipped with a variable-depth sickle bar that cuts the leaves of the plant and >

slows its growth. Since introducing the prototype in 2009 METEC has worked to improve and refine the design which has proven to be both a time- and cost-effective solution to a serious problem.

Case Study: Sidewalk snow blower

Case Study: Prototype and Design of a Sidewalk Snowblower


METEC manufactures a wide range of snow management equipment, including fixed- and variable-configurations plows, blowers, sweepers and other attachments and accessories. Such equipment needs to endure five to ten years of bruising punishment under harsh conditions, meaning that material selection is vital to performance. Components must be strong >

and corrosion resistant, yet light in weight. When a customer requested a custom design combining a brush with a plow, METEC was able to apply research skills as well as metallurgical and engineering know-how to Develop a solution that met performance objectives while maintaining fuel consumption at acceptable levels.

Case Study: Mobile Stage

Case Study: Prototype and Design of a mobile stage


The Vankleek Hill Fiddle and Dance Association needed a moveable, all-weather stage that could travel from venue to venue, was easy to set up, and required only a small storage >

area. The solution was a light-weight bolt-together aluminum structure that can be set up quickly by two or three people.

Case Study: Versatile Trailer

Case Study: Prototype and Design of a versatile trailer


METEC’s ALU-LIGHT trailers solve a number of problems common to conventional trailers. Built of aluminum, they are lighter than their conventional counterparts, resulting in lower fuel consumption for comparable loads. The trailer sides fold >

down so loading can be achieved more easily, with forklift access from three sides. Because trailer components are clamped together instead of being welded, less electricity is used.